Filling In The Gaps – CELJ’s Senior Legal Advice Helpline Addresses Community’s Unique Needs

Have you ever heard a loved one say that they feel like they need an attorney to get through all of the forms involved in Medicare applications?  That they have a question about a reverse mortgage, but don’t want to get charged $200 an hour for a simple answer?  Or that they can’t get the

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Service by Facebook

Service of process is an essential part of our justice system.  If one is the subject of a complaint or petition, in order for them to confront that allegation in court, service of process is required as an essential part of due process.  While service of process is required for all kinds of litigation, it

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Changes to your Medicare Card to Protect Your Identity

The 2016 Federal Budget Includes funding to help protect Americans from identity theft. A new law is on the way which does not permit a Social Security Number to be printed on a Medicare card.  ( Currently, most Medicare cards have a person’s Social Security Number (“SSN”) printed on the front.  We are all told to

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