Center for Elder Law & Justice Launches “Risk Detector” App

  The Center for Elder Law & Justice has introduced the Legal Risk Detector App, a legal health check-up tool for housing, consumer, financial exploitation and health care issues. “Many people in our community face legal problems that threaten the essentials of life:  housing, health care, income, and more,” said Karen L. Nicholson, chief executive

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Changes to your Medicare Card to Protect Your Identity

The 2016 Federal Budget Includes funding to help protect Americans from identity theft. A new law is on the way which does not permit a Social Security Number to be printed on a Medicare card.  (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/21/us/new-law-to-strip-social-security-numbers-from-medicare-cards.html?_r=1). Currently, most Medicare cards have a person’s Social Security Number (“SSN”) printed on the front.  We are all told to

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Updates to Family Offense Petition Provide New Protections From Financial Exploitation

Reflecting the growing problem of elder abuse and the need to protect victims, older adults can now seek protection from financial exploitation in an unexpected venue: Family Court. In December 2013 three new offenses were added to New York State family offense petitions. These offenses (identity theft, coercion, and grand larceny in the 3rd or

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